SomnoCushion Pro anti-snoring backpack
SomnoCushion Pro anti-snoring backpack
SomnoCushion Pro anti-snoring backpack


SomnoCushion Pro anti-snoring backpack

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Background: The right sleeping position against snoring

Studies show that when sleeping on your back, the number of breathing pauses is often twice as high as when you sleep on your side. Avoiding the supine position can often significantly reduce obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). Patients who snore primarily when lying on their back should therefore try to sleep on their side or stomach.

Avoid lying on your back with the SomnoCushion® Pro anti-snoring backpack

Back rest preventers support the correct sleeping position for snoring and sleep apnea. SomnoCushion® Pro anti-snoring backpack (also called snoring backpack or sleeping backpack) is worn like a conventional backpack at night. It safely prevents lying on your back and encourages you to sleep on your side.

Composition & Material

The ultra-light backpack cover consists of a tear-resistant nylon fabric and encloses a high-quality, hard-wearing inner cushion. The inner cushion is filled with a mixture of polyester wadding and foam flakes. Both fillers are Oeko-Tex certified. Due to its special nature, SomnoCushion® Pro adapts to your individual back shape and enables a high level of comfort. The padded and length-adjustable waist and shoulder straps with practical Velcro fasteners ensure that the anti-snoring backpack is comfortable to wear and does not slip while you sleep.

As an alternative to the fixed inner cushion, we offer an air cushion for the SomnoCuhsion® Pro that can be inflated by mouth. This is particularly light and can be stowed away to save space after deflating and is ideal for travel.

Who is SomnoCuhsion® Pro suitable for?

The SomnoCushion® Pro anti-snoring backpack is particularly suitable for very overweight patients (BMI from 28/29), as it is particularly durable thanks to its robust material.


The anti-snoring backpack is available in two sizes: size 1 (SM, waist belt 108 x 19 x 8 cm), size 2 (L-XXXL, waist belt 143 x 19 x 8 cm). Note : The sizes are based on your clothing size for tops.

learning effect

By regularly wearing the sleeping backpack, the body gets used to sleeping on its side. The positional therapy can thus bring about a kind of learning effect: after a while, many of those affected no longer need a back position preventer because they automatically sleep on their side.


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