SomnoShirt Standard - anti-snoring shirt with roll
SomnoShirt Standard - anti-snoring shirt with roll


SomnoShirt Standard - anti-snoring shirt with roll

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Background: The correct sleeping position for snoring & obstructive sleep apnea

Studies show that sleeping on your back increases snoring and sleep apnea. Lying on your back can cause the lower jaw and tongue to fall back and block the upper airway. The breathing air can no longer flow unhindered into the lungs and the slack muscle and soft tissue flutters in the air flow. This sound is perceived as snoring. By preventing the supine position during sleep, snoring can be effectively prevented or reduced.

Avoid lying on your back with the SomnoShirt® standard anti-snoring shirt

SomnoShirt® Standard is an inexpensive entry-level model for the correct position for those who suffer from snoring and nocturnal breathing stops. Wearing the anti-snoring shirt at night prevents the patient from lying on their back and encourages them to sleep on their side.

Who is SomnoShirt® Standard suitable for?

The SomnoShirt® anti-snoring shirt is an ideal entry-level model in the field of back rest preventers. It is suitable for normal weight or slightly overweight. If you are very overweight, we recommend our SomnoCushion® Pro anti-snoring backpack due to its higher resilience.


The SomnoShirt® Standard is available in the unisex sizes S (98 cm*), M (104 cm*), L (110 cm*), XL (116 cm*), XXL (124 cm*) and XXXL (134 cm*). ) available. *Chest measurement of the shirt

Note : The anti snoring shirt should fit snugly on the body and therefore not be ordered too large.

Composition & Material

The high-quality anti-snoring shirt is kept in a plain white and is made of 100% pure cotton. A pocket is sewn onto the back area, which contains an ultra-light rigid foam roll made from rigid polyethylene foam. Alternatively, with our SomnoShirt Comfort , we offer an air cushion that can be individually inflated with the mouth.

We also offer replacement shirts (without insert) to change.

learning effect

Since the positioning therapy has a training effect, most patients no longer have to wear positioning aids every night after a few weeks, as the body gets used to the lateral sleeping position and the supine position is automatically avoided.


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