Airmax Classic nasal dilator
Airmax Classic nasal dilator
Airmax Classic nasal dilator
Airmax Classic nasal dilator
Airmax Classic nasal dilator
Airmax Classic nasal dilator
Airmax Classic nasal dilator
Airmax Classic nasal dilator
Airmax Classic nasal dilator
Airmax Classic nasal dilator


Airmax Classic nasal dilator

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What is the Airmax® Classic nasal dilator?

Airmax® Classic gently spreads the nostrils from the inside and thus improves nasal breathing.
  • Improves or facilitates nasal breathing
  • Comfortable to wear and discreet design
  • Available in 2 sizes: Small (S) and Medium (M)
  • Can be used for 2 - 3 months
  • With practical storage box
  • Efficacy proven several times in studies*
  • Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands

How does Airmax® Classic work?

The nasal dilator (also called nasal spreader, nasal wing spreader or nose clip) from the Dutch company Airmax BV is inserted into the nose at night or, if necessary, during the day. It widens the nostrils by gently spreading them. This can improve the air supply when inhaling and exhaling.
Wash the Airmax® with water before and after each use. Insert the nasal dilator symmetrically into your nose until the Airmax® connection bar rests on your nose bridge. Thanks to its discreet design, the nasal dilator is very unobtrusive.
The small storage box makes the Airmax® a practical travel companion.

For whom is Airmax® Classic suitable?

Airmax® gently widens the narrowest area of the nasal entrance and can thus reduce the feeling of a stuffy nose. The nasal dilator is suitable, for example, for colds, allergies, pregnancy, air travel, deformity of the nostrils or nasal septum, narrowing of the nasal valves. In consultation with your doctor, Airmax® can be a gentle and drug-free alternative to nasal drops or sprays.
Snoring noises are caused by fluttering movements of the soft tissue in the pharynx. Impeded nasal breathing can increase snoring. The Airmax® Classic nasal dilator facilitates nasal breathing.
Do you have problems breathing through your nose during sports? Then our Airmax® Sport nasal dilator is right for you.

Proven effectiveness of the Airmax®

Airmax® was developed in cooperation with ENT doctors and medical technicians. Its effectiveness has been proven several times by studies (see also
  • 76% more airflow when using the Airmax®.*
  • 67% of patients were willing to continue using a nasal dilator after a 4-week trial.**
  • Reduction of snoring in 74% of cases.***
  • Airmax® also increases nasal airflow in healthy adolescent athletes.****

Material and sizes

The Airmax® is comfortable to wear and consists of a soft, odorless and medically tested plastic (SEBS). According to the manufacturer, the nasal dilator should be replaced with a new one every two to three months.
Airmax® Classic is available in sizes Small (color: light blue) and Medium (color: orange). Usually, S (small) is more suitable for women and M (medium) for men. Sizes S and M differ in width by approx. 1.5 mm.


*Peter W. Hellings & Gilbert J. Nolst Trenité (2013): Improvement of nasal breathing and patient satisfaction by the endonasal dilator Airmax, Rhinology
**Garyfalia Lekakis, Emely Dekimpe, Brecht Steelant, Peter W. Hellings (2016): Managing nasal valve compromised patients with nasal dilators: objective vs subjective parameters, Rhinology
***Prof. Viacheslav G. Merkulov MD, PhD , Prof. Gilbert J. Nolst Trenité MD, PhD (2010): Non-invasive method of snoring treatment and OSAS prophylactic
****Ricardo Reis Dinardi, Claudia Ribeiro de Andrade, Hugo Cesar Martins-Costa, Cassio da Cunha Ibiapina (2015): Does the Airmax internal nasal dilator® increase peak nasal inspiratory flow (PNIF) in adolescent athletes?


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