Individual "custom-made" oral appliance

SomnoGuard® AP Pro

What is SomnoGuard® AP Pro?

SomnoGuard® AP Pro is a two-piece mandibular advancement device for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) associated with nocturnal breathing pauses. The "custom-made" oral appliance is made individually in the dental laboratory. The advancement of the lower jaw is adjusted continuously and with millimeter precision by turning a small stainless steel screw.

In the case of pathological snoring in connection with a diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea, reimbursement by health insurance companies is possible.


  • Individual fabrication in the dental laboratory
  • Continuously adjustable advancement of the lower jaw from 0 to approx. 10 mm
  • Lateral mobility of the lower jaw
  • Mouth breathing possible through gap between upper and lower jaw trays
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Secure fit and very good tooth adhesion

How does SomnoGuard® AP Pro work?

SomnoGuard® AP Pro is placed in the mouth at night. By turning the small stainless steel screw located between the trays of the upper and lower jaw, the lower jaw with the tongue is advanced slightly forward. The upper airways are opened. The vibration and fluttering of the soft tissue in the throat (soft palate and uvula), which are responsible for the snoring noise, can be reduced or prevented.

Where can I buy SomnoGuard® AP Pro?

Dentists and dental laboratories can order the functional elements made of stainless steel for the production of the SomnoGuard® AP Pro oral appliance directly from us by telephone, fax or e-mail. Are you a patient and interested in the SomnoGuard® AP Pro? Then contact your dentist!

Manufacturing and adjustment

How is SomnoGuard® AP Pro manufactured?

The SomnoGuard® AP Pro delivery includes: 3 adjustment screws (12, 16, 20 mm), 2 different lock nuts, a lower functional element (for the screw), an upper functional element (C-rail), open-end wrench, Allen key, instructions for use and manufacture.

After a dental impression is taken by a dentist, SomnoGuard® AP Pro is fabricated in the dental laboratory using the functional elements and common procedures and materials. A plaster model is constructed. Hard-elastic trays for the maxilla and mandible are deep-drawn using the compression molding technique. The functional elements made of high-quality stainless steel are finally attached to the trays with acrylate adhesive.

How is the advancement of the lower jaw adjusted?

The upper and lower jaw trays are connected by a small stainless steel screw. The guide groove on the underside of the upper jaw tray provides the transverse guide for the screw head of the lower jaw shell. By turning the screw, the advancement of the mandible can be continuously adjusted from 0 to approx. 10 mm. The advancement technology is derived from the prefabricated SomnoGuard® AP 2 oral appliance. SomnoGuard® AP Pro allows mouth breathing and lateral mobility of the mandible. Depending on the amount of mandibular advancement set, the upper airway is more open. Snoring and nocturnal breathing pauses due to obstructive sleep apnea can thus be reduced or prevented.

SomnoGuard® AP Pro is patented.


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