Studies show that snoring and breathing pauses occur more frequently when lying on your back than when lying on your side (so-called position-dependent snoring / sleep apnea syndrome). Because especially in this sleeping position, the lower jaw and tongue fall back. The soft tissue can flutter loudly in the air flow and thus creates the annoying snoring noise. Our proven positioning aids effectively prevent lying on your back and encourage you to sleep on your side or stomach.

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SomnoCushion Standard anti-snoring backpackSomnoCushion Standard anti-snoring backpack
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SomnoCushion Pro anti-snoring backpackSomnoCushion Pro anti-snoring backpack
SomnoCushion Pro anti-snoring backpack
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Air cushion for SomnoCushion
Air cushion for SomnoCushion
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Dr. med. Fahri Yildiz - ENT specialist & developer

"Finally sleeping peacefully"

I am now using my almost 30 years of experience as an ENT doctor in the field of diagnosis and therapy of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea to develop a new generation of prefabricated mandibular advancement splints. They are effective, inexpensive and the perfect introduction to individual splint therapy.


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