SomnoBelt anti-snoring belt
SomnoBelt anti-snoring belt
SomnoBelt anti-snoring belt


SomnoBelt anti-snoring belt

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What is SomnoBelt®?

Supine preventers support the correct sleeping position for snoring and sleep apnea. Studies show that snoring and pauses in breathing as a result of obstructive sleep apnea occur more frequently when lying on the back than when lying on the side. The SomnoBelt® anti-snoring belt is worn at night and encourages lying on one side while sleeping. The inner cushion in the back prevents you from turning on your back.
  • Chest strap includes a firmly padded inner cushion
  • Robust material and therefore also suitable for moderately overweight
  • In addition, an air cushion can be purchased for travel, for example
  • Made in Germany

How does SomnoBelt® work?

Especially in the supine position, the lower jaw and tongue can fall back and the upper airways can be narrowed. The high-quality, padded inner pillow in the back area of ​​the SomnoBelt® prevents you from rolling onto your back while you sleep and encourages you to sleep on your side.
Insert the inner cushion into the chest strap pocket and zip up. The padded and length-adjustable strap with a practical velcro fastener ensures that the anti-snoring strap is comfortable to wear and does not slip while you sleep. The belt tension can be individually adjusted so that the SomnoBelt® is centered on the back and fits as tightly as possible and without play.
In addition, we offer an air cushion for SomnoBelt®, which can be used instead of the padded inner cushion. The air cushion is inflated with the mouth, is particularly light and can be stowed away to save space, for example in luggage, after the air has been deflated.
By regularly wearing the anti-snoring belt, the body can get used to sleeping on its side and a kind of learning effect can be brought about. After a while, many users no longer have to wear the positioning aid every night.

For whom is SomnoBelt® suitable?

The SomnoBelt® anti-snoring belt is particularly suitable for people of normal weight to moderately overweight. If you are very overweight, we recommend our SomnoCushion® Pro snoring backpack.
The harness is available in two sizes: size 1 (S-M, chest strap 108 x 19 x 8 cm) and size 2 (L-XXXL, chest strap 143 x 19 x 8 cm). The sizes are usually based on your clothing size for tops.
SomnoBelt® can also be used to support patients who already use other aids (e.g. breathing masks, mandibular advancement devices, nasal dilators) at night.


The padded and length-adjustable snoring strap is made of polyamide (420d PU-coated). A bag that can be closed with a zip contains the high-quality, padded inner cushion made of microfibre fabric. The pillow is filled with a mixture of polyester wadding and foam flakes.


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