SomnoBelt anti-snoring belt
SomnoBelt anti-snoring belt
SomnoBelt anti-snoring belt


SomnoBelt anti-snoring belt

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Background supine position prevention (RLV)

Sleeping on your back is one of the most common causes of snoring. This sleeping position promotes snoring and breathing pauses, since the tongue and soft tissue can fall backwards and block the upper airways. Avoiding sleeping on your back can effectively reduce or prevent snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Avoid lying on your back with the SomnoBelt® anti-snoring belt

The SomnoBelt® snoring belt (also known as a snoring bandage or anti-snoring belt) is worn at night and promotes a lateral position during sleep. The inner pillow in the back prevents the sleeper from turning on his back.

Who is SomnoBelt® suitable for?

SomnoBelt® is suitable for people of normal weight to moderately overweight. We recommend our SomnoCushion® Pro anti-snoring backpack to those who are severely overweight, as it has a higher resilience.


The snoring bandage is available in two sizes: size 1 (SM, chest strap 108 x 19 x 8 cm) and size 2 (L-XXXL, chest strap 143 x 19 x 8 cm). Note: Use your clothing size for tops as a guide.

Composition & Material

The ultra-light, padded and length-adjustable snoring strap is made of tear-resistant nylon. The flexible straps in the chest area ensure that the wearer does not feel constricted when breathing. A bag that can be closed with a zip contains the high-quality, padded inner cushion. This is filled with a mixture of polyester wadding and foam flakes. The Velcro fastener ensures that the SomnoBelt® anti-snoring belt does not slip while you sleep.

In addition to the inner cushion, we offer a mouth-inflatable air cushion for SomnoBelt® . The air cushion is space-saving and, with its low weight, particularly suitable for travel.

learning effect

By regularly wearing the anti-snoring belt, the body can get used to the lateral sleeping position. The position therapy thus causes a kind of learning effect: after a while, many of those affected no longer need any supine position prevention products because they automatically sleep on their side.


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